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HLB Webinar – Minutes Matter: Practical Pointers for Drafting Medical Staff Records


Every word matters. Clinicians recognize the importance of medical records in ensuring quality of care and patient safety. What is sometimes overlooked is the critical necessity of documenting Medical Executive Committee, Credentialing Committee, Well-Being Committee and other medical staff proceedings.

Medical staff professionals are torn in many different directions with numerous demands on their time. This presentation seeks to provide hospitals, medical staffs, and health care providers with practical pointers for efficiently drafting clear and accurate records that incorporate confidentiality protections and legal risk reduction measures.

This webinar will give the audience practical tips on:

  • Drafting medical staff committee meeting minutes;
  • Documenting internal investigations;
  • Effectively utilizing the virtual environment;
  • Retaining records and maintaining confidentiality; and
  • Evidence Code Section 1157 protections of medical staff records.

October 20, 2022 12pm (PT) / 3pm (ET)

Click here to view the webinar.

Jennifer Hansen
Ruby Wood
Catherine Wicker


Jennifer A. Hansen
San Diego
Catherine Srithong Wicker
San Diego