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HLB Helps Posit Science Advocate for Medicare Benefits Expansion and Develop Dementia Prevention Program Model Involving Memory Fitness Advances

Case Studies

HLB’s Government Relations & Public Policy professionals assist client in pursuing new markets and facilitating strategic relationships for its BrainHQ training and other memory fitness programs.

The Client’s Issues and Risks

Posit Science is a San Francisco-based digital health company that employs the science of neuroplasticity to provide innovative brain training. Its BrainHQ program has been shown in clinical trials to improve cognitive performance and real-world function in healthy adults and patients with significant neurological and psychiatric brain issues.

Given the increasing importance of memory fitness, Posit Science needed insight and counsel on federal health care policy and regulation to expand BrainHQ’s ability to work with plans. The company also required assistance in assessing and modifying programs to fit potential stakeholders’ cost and budget parameters.

The HLB Difference

Since 2016, HLB has worked with Posit Science to effectively plan and implement a public policy strategy to expand access to BrainHQ across government programs.

HLB’s primary efforts have involved advocating around federal legislation and rulemaking related to Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits. Because of the firm’s direct engagement with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), memory fitness benefits were specifically added as a supplemental benefit in 2019. HLB has since worked with Posit Science and CMS to ensure the benefit is medically appropriate, evidence-based, and widely available—work that continues as the memory fitness benefit grows.

HLB has also advised Posit Science as it developed a classroom-based dementia prevention program modeled after the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). HLB has helped the company improve stakeholder engagement, hone model design parameters, and investigate strategies to address budgetary considerations. Posit Science has since successfully received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to pilot a dementia prevention program.

Results and Their Implications

This testimonial from Posit Science CEO Henry W. Mahncke, Ph.D., describes the unique skills, experience, and value HLB’s professionals delivered:

“Working with the HLB team has helped me develop a whole new market for BrainHQ through Medicare Advantage. This complex path required us to understand policy trends, develop a trust-based relationship with CMS, and respond to detailed regulatory questions. HLB guided us through every step of the way with a solid understanding of our business and market position, deep policy expertise, and strong relationships with relevant people. Their work has been essential to the progress we’ve made in Medicare.”



Alex M. Brill
Economic Policy Advisor
Washington, D.C.
Martin A. Corry
Co-Chair of Government Relations & Public Policy Department
Washington, D.C.
Monica Herr Massaro
Director, Government Relations & Public Policy
Washington, D.C.