Martin A. Corry

Co-Chair of Government Relations & Public Policy Department

“Our team works with clients to give them a voice in the public policy process, both on the Hill and in the Executive branch. We help clients tell their story effectively so that policymakers hear and understand it—even if they might disagree. That starts with doing the necessary ‘homework,’ both of the client’s needs and the laws, regulations, and guidance that may address those needs, or be an obstacle to their resolution. Equally important, we help our clients understand the ‘whys and wherefores’ that influence the thinking of policymakers who, 95% of the time, are trying to get to a responsible outcome amid many competing interests and priorities.”

With five decades of experience in Washington, much of that focused on health care policy, Martin Corry serves as a seasoned advisor and bridge and between policymakers and those who are affected by their decisions.

Working with a team of talented and experienced government relations and public policy professionals, Marty provides strategic advice, advocacy, and problem-solving for providers, payors, practitioners, and others in the broader health care sector. Marty believes that effective advocacy means engaging policymakers—whether on the Hill or in the Executive branch—before legislation, regulations, and policy positions are developed and implemented. Marty also believes that being an effective advocate for a client, and a credible representative with policymakers, requires doing the necessary “homework” to understand the substance of a client’s work and how it intersects with government policy.  

Marty advises clients on broad public policy and program goals as well as specific provisions and business needs. At every point in the legislative, regulatory, or policymaking lifecycle, Marty can add value for clients with critical interests in the outcomes. He prepares comprehensive comments for draft bills for which a sponsor seeks input, analyzes and assists with formal responses to Executive branch proposed rules, responds to requests for information, and drafts sub-regulatory guidance. After regulations are adopted, Marty works with clients to assess impacts, assist with compliance, or obtain clarification of ambiguities. When appropriate and feasible, he helps clients lay a foundation for asking an agency to reconsider a policy in a future rule-making cycle.

As a senior executive in his former role as Special Assistant to the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and as the chief federal lobbyist at AARP, Marty brings insights he has gained not only at CMS but at other executive branch agencies and on Capitol Hill. 

Marty’s counsel is as much forward-looking as it is focused on current goals. He identifies still-emerging policy and regulatory issues, allowing him to provide clients with advice that they can use to anticipate coming changes and plan accordingly.