Business Transactions


There are issues, concerns, and complexities involved in all business transactions, and then there are those that overlay transactions in the health care industry. At Hooper, Lundy & Bookman, we understand the unique and multifaceted challenges – legal, financial, and practical – involved in health care deals. We bring a powerful combination of industry experience and business savvy to representing clients engaged in transactions of all kinds.

Multidisciplinary Talents Focused Exclusively on Health Care 

Drawing on the multidisciplinary talents of attorneys who focus exclusively on health care, the firm is well-positioned to comprehensively and efficiently shepherd transactions from concept to consummation. From conducting complex regulatory due diligence to addressing key business concerns, all while navigating a plethora of compliance issues, our transactional lawyers serve as critical deal facilitators and strategic advisors for clients across the country. 

Every aspect of a proposed or pending transaction receives the thoughtful consideration and thorough analysis needed for our clients to make informed choices about approaching negotiations or addressing areas of concern. We collaborate closely with internal stakeholders and decision-makers so that our clients can proceed confidently in a coordinated way. 

Transactional Counsel Across the Health Care Delivery Spectrum

Although every health care provider or supplier wants to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of a deal, their ability to do so depends on attorneys who recognize the unique operational and regulatory landscape in which they do business. The issues to consider and address in a hospital acquisition are not the same as those in a real estate acquisition, and the regulatory hurdles to overcome in establishing an integrated health care network vary from those in a purchasing or supply chain agreement. 

With multiple attorneys with significant industry experience serving specific types of providers and attorneys who focus their practices on distinct legal and regulatory matters, we deliver a comprehensive suite of transactional representation for clients across the health care delivery system on every legal issue that intersects with a deal. 

With offices from coast to coast, we serve clients across the country, including hospitals and hospital systems, physicians and medical groups, post-acute and long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, telehealth and health care technology providers, behavioral health facilities, home health agencies, hospices, and ancillary service providers.

A substantial number of the firm’s business transactions involve physicians or physician groups, either as clients, parties to contracts, or joint venture partners. Our attorneys have considerable experience analyzing and structuring such physician arrangements, which require a thorough understanding of self-referral, antikickback, corporate practice of medicine, licensing, and other regulatory concerns.

Our attorneys also handle a broad array of sales, leases, mergers, financing transactions, and affiliations involving a wide variety of health care organizations. We also regularly assist with licensure, reimbursement, and other regulatory matters related to mergers and acquisitions. 

The firm represents clients in deals of all sizes and complexity and assists our diverse clientele with: 

  • Hospital, skilled nursing facility, and other provider acquisitions
  • Physician practice organization
  • Development of integrated delivery systems
  • Management service organization transactions and friendly physician arrangements
  • Development of cutting-edge healthcare technology businesses
  • Regulatory compliance advice for all provider types
  • Formation and licensure of provider-based health plans
  • Formation of practice management companies
  • Debt and equity financings
  • Health care due diligence as regulatory counsel
  • Joint ventures
  • Mergers
  • Obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status
  • For-profit and nonprofit tax planning
  • Development of nonprofit medical foundations
  • Medical office building acquisition and development
  • Hospital-based physician contracts
  • Hospital service management agreements
  • Medical directorship agreements
  • Hospital affiliations
  • Development of full-service cancer and other outpatient treatment facilities
  • Corporate and partnership restructurings
  • Counseling for antikickback, self-referral, and corporate practice of medicine issues
  • Construction and employment contracts
  • Real and personal property leases
  • Real estate acquisitions
  • Private placements and offerings
  • Development of faculty practice plans

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